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Monday , 24 June 2024

Indian Railways at the time of COVID-19

-More than 6,500 hospital beds of Indian Railways are to be made available to supplement the efforts of government in tackling COVID-19.5 Jagjivan Ram Hospital, zonal hospital of Western Railway, has been converted to a COVID-19 hospital.

– Railways has transported 32 lakh tonnes of food grains between  April 1-16 compared to 12.9 lakh tonnes in the same period last year.6 On April22, Indian Railways created a new record by loading food grains of 112 rakes which is equivalent to 3.13 lakh tonnes.

-Indian Railways Production Units, workshops and field units have started manufacturing PPE coveralls for medical and health-care personnel who are directly exposed to the COVID-19 disease when working amongst infected patients.  Till  April 9, Indian Railways has produced about 6 lakh reusable face masks and more than 40,000 litres of hand sanitiser.

-The Indian Railways  has been  plying ‘Annapoorna’ trains, a combination of two food grain loaded trains for timely transportation of essential goods. The Northern Railway zone has formed 5,000 tonnes long haul loaded food grain trains.  Up to  April  16,  25 such ‘ trains had been formed and run by the zone. Like Northern Railways, the South Central Zone has also come up with a unique concept of running ‘Jai Kisan’ special freight trains. As a result, 5,200 tonnes capacity food grains will be moved in a single path.

-IRCTC along with RPF and other Railway Departments in various Railway Zones is supplying cooked food with paper plates and food packets for dinner to needy people. GMs/DRMs of concerned Zone and division are also in continuous touch with IRCTC officials to enhance the outreach of these efforts of IRCTC even beyond the station vicinity. with the help of District Administrations and NGOs. From its kitchens, IRCTC has so far distributed about 102,937 meals to the poor and the needy from  March 28.

-Parcel trains are being currently operated on 65 routes. Such a facility is being provided by the Indian Railway to meet the supply of goods and products.   Amazon India announced that the company would be utilizing the services of these COVID-19 parcel trains, to further its operations in additional 55 lanes during the lockdown.

-The Railways introduced Swift and Efficient Transport of Utilities (SETU) to ensure unhindered services of time tabled parcel trains for nationwide transportation of essential commodities and other goods.  It has facilitated the delivery of 30 tonnes of items within 24 hours of launch.

-The  Railways has  also  upscaled transportation by using Roll-on Roll-off (Ro-Ro) facilities to carry loaded trucks. This proved to be very useful for many transporters in the Konkan region. It has continued to feed the infrastructure sector and ramp up the supply chain during the COVID-19 lockdown.

-With the help of  IRCTC,   Rail Neer water bottles has been provided to  policemen stationed at road nakkas and other places.

– Railway Emergency Cell for COVID was formed as a comprehensive nation-wide unit comprising of about 400 Officers and staff from Railway Board to Divisions. During the lockdown, the  cell responds to requests and suggestions every day, from five communication and feedback platforms namely – Helplines 139 and 138, social media (especially Twitter), email (railmadad@rb.railnet.gov.in) and CPGRAMS.

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