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Wednesday , 29 May 2024

Improving Road Safety for Children

Avery Dennison Fluorescent Films stands out during dusk and dawn says Linda Andersen, Marketing Coordinator, Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions Europe, Middle East, Africa

All traffic signs are important, but few are as important as school crossings that alert motorists to watch for children. Near playgrounds and schools, you’re more likely to encounter small children that might not be alert to traffic, are more likely to be distracted or are harder to see. Now that school is back in session for our children in Europe, we must take extra care in these zones.

Every day in the European Union more than thirty children are seriously injured and two are killed in a road traffic collision. A recent study from the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) reported that in the last ten years, more than 8,100 children were killed in road traffic collisions in the EU, with nearly half of these accidents occurring while the child was walking or cycling.

How can we help improve road safety for children? We need to create proper road markings and safety education.

Safety Education

Keeping children safe in traffic is an important and serious item on the agenda for OECD countries (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), where 36 countries around the world are members. The OECD’s recent report on child safety in traffic drew attention to best practices, how child casualties can be reduced, and ways to encourage children to develop into safe, active, and independent road users. Education includes understanding the risks children face, setting vehicle and bicycle standards, and understanding safety equipment.

Proper Road Markings

In terms of traffic engineering for child safety, most effort has been put into routes to school and the areas directly surrounding school buildings and playgrounds. Such areas should be well-lit, and highly visible pedestrian signs should be installed to draw drivers’ attention to the presence of children.

By using fluorescent sheeting on these important road crossing signs, you will greatly improve conspicuity. Fluorescent films provide higher night-time and daytime brightness than ordinary (nonfluorescent) coloured sheeting and are therefore a highly effective option to alert drivers to expect children. Fluorescent films were engineered to perform through the poor visibility you’ll encounter during autumn and winter.

Avery Dennison conducts rigorous tests to ensure we surpass expectations for retro-reflectivity, color, fluorescence, and durability so that signs made using our materials stand the test of time for the drivers and children that depend on them. With the Fluorescent Films from Avery Dennison, you can even expect the highest performance and up to a 12 Year Warranty.

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