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Thursday , 30 May 2024

IBM testing new traffic management technology

IBM has developed a new traffic management technology called Decision Support System Optimiser that it is testing in Lyon, France. The technology reduces traffic congestion and ensures quicker incident response. It combines incident detection, incident impact prediction and propagation, traffic prediction and control plan optimisation. The technology is powered by IBM?s Data Expansion Algorithm. The algorithm uses descriptive flow models along with the available real-time traffic data to estimate traffic data that is not available from the sensors. This helps the technology to do better than conventional traffic management centres which are not able to provide a complete situational awareness throughout the transportation network. It also uses advanced analytics and other algorithms along with historical and real-time traffic data to predict traffic congestion patterns under both normal conditions and under conditions when an accident or traffic incident occurs. This helps traffic operators at the city’s transportation management centre to predict outcomes and analyse different scenarios to resolve problems.

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