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Sunday , 3 March 2024

“I want your suggestions for my city”

What makes you come to this show?

This is the first time an integrated traffic expo is being held in India on such a grand scale. I have always been of the view that we need maximum safety on our roads. We create infrastructure for traffic management and safety in Navi Mumbai which is then managed by the Commissioner of Police. When I see high speeding on the roads in my city, the first thing that comes to my mind is creating awareness among people about road safety and discipline. I am working tremendously on creating awareness by making public interest advertisements and taking other measures.

I really don’t know when people will change. But we have to keep trying. We cannot compromise on safety. I have come here to look for the best products for my roads to increase safety.

Have you been able to get what you were looking for? Are you satisfied with your visit to the Expo?

My agenda is: I have to get infrastructure like crash barriers, signals, parking management, etc. I have come to know about minimum specification for the best products here. I will tell my engineers and Police Commissioner to float tenders with the required specifications so that contractors can supply material to that specification.

At 24 years of age, a young mayor like you naturally has a young perspective. Since you are a traffic enthusiast, you can do a lot.

People drive all over the world. People drive in India too but here, they do not follow traffic rules with breaking signals being the most common traffic offence. I want to control all this by changing the mindset of the people. I will either create awareness or at least make good rules and have them enforced strongly.

I went in for speed cameras but I don’t want corruption to creep in. For example, if a traffic cop charges you for breaking signal, you bribe him and go ahead. But if the process is recorded, this type of corruption can be done away with. With automatic cameras, if someone crosses speed limit, you get his photograph, you record the process, get his number plate, catch him and impose a hefty fine. People will stop bribing, breaking traffic lights and driving rashly with the use of such cameras. Sometimes accidents just happen by mistake. So I want a strict enforcement where people do not go beyond the dividers.

The Police Commissioner’s Office is a different body and the Municipal Corporation is a different body but for the safety of the people, we have to work together.

Will you be taking back some information gathered at the Expo that will help you implement the measures you are planning in your city?

I got a lot of information here. I have taken got all the brochures. Now, I will have a word with my Police Commissioner and Municipal Commissioner. I will check the infrastructure I need for my city for tension-free traffic and tension-free parking lots. Then we will contact the concerned persons, float tenders, and give contracts to who quote the minimum price.

You have come all the way from Navi Mumbai for this Show…

I am very happy that under one roof, I am getting information about the technology in so many countries. Otherwise, to see and learn about the new technologies, I would have had to travel to those countries. That would have proved to be expensive and time-consuming. Thanks to TrafficInfraTech magazine for arranging this Expo. I would like to see this Expo in Mumbai also. I want suggestions from you. I will invite you to my city. We will have a tour all over the city and you can suggest to me what infrastructure I can adopt for the better traffic management of my city and safety on its roads.

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