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Sunday , 3 March 2024

Hikvision introduces eDVR 1TB

Enhanced storage capacity,  45% energy savings

Hikvision has introduced eDVR 1TB, for enhanced video surveillance storage capacity in the India market. Its eSSD Technology helps in 45% energy savings. Since the launch of eDVRs, the market response has exceeded the expectation. There were specific demands for enhancing the storage capacity of eDVR, it has come from the end-users and system integrators. The latest eDVR 1TB is  with many value added features like Enhanced Capacity, Enduring Storage and Efficient Video Analytics.

The  patented technology offers convenience of adaptability on the storage front. It applies H. 265-based scene-adaptive bitrate coding on eDVRs to ensure sufficient storage and quality video compression. Thus H. 265-based scene-adaptive bitrate control Storage allocation is enabled to ensure 2/4/8 weeks’ recording. The algorithms can detect how complicated and active the actual scene is, and then assign certain bitrate to the scene according to the level of activeness, so as to guarantee storage allocation.

Intelligent human/vehicle classification is in-built in the eDVRs, enabling smart Motion Detection and quick target search and playback.

Deep Learning Based Motion Detection

Deep learning-based motion detection 2.0 it can classify human and vehicle, and extremely reduce false alarms deep-learning algorithms are trained to classify objects in videos into three categories – Persons, Vehicles, and Other. The algorithms can automatically detect persons and vehicles. It has configurable and flexible detection boxes.

When considering the green performance of the devices as a whole, eDVRs with eSSD storage are around 45% more energy efficient than traditional DVR+HDD. In a time of energy cost and supply uncertainties around the world, Hikvision eDVRs can help in terms of reducing costs and carbon emissions. They are also more sustainable for a number of  important reasons.

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