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Monday , 24 June 2024

Govt to collect data of road accidents in real-time

The government has finally kicked off the process to collect details of road accidents in realtime and their causes as it is done in developed countries.

The IT-based system for capturing accident data from across the country will have a mobile-app that can send alerts to the authorities for taking action.

With financial and technical assistance from the World Bank, the road transport ministry will set up an IT-based system for objective collection of data under the Integrated Road Accidents Database project.

The ministry will soon engage an expert entity for development and implementation of the accident details collection project. The scope of work will include providing and implementing a GIS-based computerised software which will be compatible with Mobile Phone Operating Systems for accident recording, storage and analysis.

The fully automated system will enable various agencies like police, PWDs, NHAI and state transport departments to enter details on a road accident from different angles such as investigation, road engineering, vehicle condition and driving licence validity, to name a few. The details shall enable various authorities and research institutes to run different types of analysis and understand the dynamics of road accidents in India and take targeted measures in terms of enforcement, road design etc to improve road safety in India.

It will be rolled out across all states and a centralised Accident Data Management Cell (ADMC) will also be set up. There will be provision for developing artificial intelligence for predictive modelling system for road accidents based on collected data and analysis of the same for prioritisation of measures to strengthen road safety.

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