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Friday , 19 April 2024

Goa City Surveillance

Goa, located in west coast line on Indian sub-continent, is one of the most prominent tourist places in India. Because of the high number of foot falls on a daily basis, the security and traffic regulations across Goa have been the key concerns of the Goa Police. i2V, an expert in enterprise project especially in city surveillances was selected by the Police to provide technologically reliable solutions. Together with D-link (Camera provider), i2V implemented a firm and robust video surveillance system on the highways, highly populated places, monuments etc. The project was executed in the year 2013 and is first step towards smart city surveillance

Keeping in mind the requirement of the Goa police, i2V provided the solution which not only increased the security of the City but also improved the traffic management. i2V solution composed of Video Monitoring System, Advanced Video Analytics and other similar features. The system connected all the police stations which helped the Goa police to communicate easier and faster.

Video monitoring system provided to the City Police helps monitor all the video surveillance devices (IP cctv cameras, DVRs, NVRs) from a single central location. The features are:

a. Facility to send alert messages on detection of any breach or accident/event. The alert send by i2V VMS can be in the form of pop up on screen, SMS, email to authority, sound alarm etc.

b. Facility to group the cameras on the basis of station, location, area or any other basis. Using this feature a user can search, view, or monitor particular camera with much efficiency and in less time.

c. Facility to monitor cameras from any remote location through web and mobile surveillance features.

d. E-maps which show status of all cameras, devices and alerts. It shows the health of cameras, their Connect or Disconnect Status.

e. Facility to assign the authorization for monitoring particular cameras by respective dignitaries.

Advanced Video Analytics are those software programs which reduce the requirement of human presence to monitor the cameras and do the automatic analysis. With the help of their artificial intelligence, video analytics were put to use in multiple areas.

1. Stopped Vehicle detection on highways and expressways to detect stopping of vehicles where it is not allowed for a vehicle to stop

2. Wrong Way detection on highways and other roadways to detect any vehicle going in wrong direction

3. Intrusion detection to detect the entry of someone in restricted place

4. Abandoned Baggage detection to detect any baggage on any object left by someone

5. Crowd detection to manage the density of people on a particular place to avoid possible accident

6. Loitering detection to detect a suspected person loitering in a premise

7. Camera tampering detection for detecting manipulation of cameras

8. Automatic Classification and Counting of Vehicles to count and classify vehicle on highways.

This helps in surveying vehicle to manage and regulate their increasing density in the city

i2V provided some additional features like:

Snapshot of an event: Whenever there is a breach or event, the software takes the snapshot of that event and sends it to respected authority.

Advanced PTZ solution: The PTZ cameras installed at various places have features enabling them to rotate, tilt and zoom at any location and cover a wide range. Whenever a fixed camera detects an event, it sends signal to the nearby PTZ that zooms at that location and tracks the records.

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