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Thursday , 20 June 2024

GMV celebrates anniversary of ITMS project for Ahmedabad BRTS

GMV is celebrating the first anniversary of the implementation of the Intelligent Transportation Management System (ITMS) developed by it, in collaboration with local partner Vayam Technologies, for the Ahmedabad BRTS. An advantage of the ITMS is that it was gradually introduced into the BRTS, reusing existing equipment, without affecting operations or inconveniencing passengers. The ITMS solution also helps in monitoring and regulating the fleet and issuing and validating transport titles. The ITMS has an integral control centre which comprises an advanced fleet management system and a fare collection system. The control centre enables real-time supervision and control of bus operations. It also helps continuous improvement of passenger services by collating historical system information and generating relevant performance reports. Commuters are provided with up to date information on buses and services through cell phone, the internet and a bilingual English-Gujarati passenger information system (PIS) through a public address system onboard buses. Information about buses is also displayed on electronic display panels at bus stops. The equipment aboard the BRTS buses put by GMV include advanced GPS tracking devices, bus driver consoles and a loudspeaker and microphone system which passes on information to the driver and enables two-way voice communication with the control centre. The ITMS solution also includes necessary support systems such as financial management, human resource management, website management and incident management.

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