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Friday , 14 June 2024

Gas Detection Systems

Gas Detection System for Carbon Monoxide from Subtronics Pvt Ltd is very useful in detecting the highly toxic but colourless and odourless carbon monoxide in a mixture of different gases such as L.P.G., toluene, ammonia, hexane and alcohol vapours. It detects three different levels of concentration of the gas with dials in three different colours – green for 0-250ppm (low concentration), yellow for 250-500ppm (medium concentration) and red for 500-1000ppm (high concentration). It also has appropriate coloured LED indicators and individual calibration potentiometers for the three levels. The system has a selectable slide switch for audio and visual built-in solid state buzzer. The system is equipped with four-wire technology and a maturity timer which prevents the possibilities of false alarms. It also has battery back-up, remote alarm and recorder output as extra features. It is used in nuclear, thermal and power generating stations, automobile plants, cell room autoclaves, battery rooms and commercial offices.


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