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Thursday , 23 May 2024

Fleetly® – A new generation fleet management software powered by Artificial Intelligence and Computer vision

Fleetly from Intelex Systems Limited is a comprehensive driver safety and fleet management system powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics to prevent high-risk events for commercial fleets.  This award-winning technology helps commercial fleets to manage risk by disrupting distraction and coaching with video visual analysis of events resulting in huge savings.  Fleetly combines traditional GPS Tracking, video telematics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Computer vision to provide truly sophisticated Fleet management software to improve efficiency, reduce costs and help to manage a healthy fleet. It is a Powerful IOT PaaS Platform built oneness in mind and hosted within Microsoft Azure.  The platform hosts fleet vehicles and assets securely in a single platform.

Fleetly IoT supports a wide range of hardware options ranging from Dash cameras (Dashcams), complex Multi-camera HGV vehicle CCTV systems, AIS-140 compliant solutions, Safety Kits, most advanced and bespoke sensor integration to support enterprise business needs. Fleetly is a device-agnostic and platform-independent solution built for organizations of all sizes.

Dash cameras or multi-camera systems coupled with GPS-based vehicle tracking are proven to provide increased driver safety, reduce risk and overall operating costs.  Camera systems enabled with real-time AI further enhance fleet safety, operational performance and reduce incidents by approximately 74%, and reduction in accident-related costs by 90% when used with the Driver coaching module.

Real time GPS Tracking

Most advanced high accuracy GPS live location tracking with satellite view with all fleet vehicles on a single map. Efficiency tools to find nearest vehicles, re-routing, compliance and historical location search.

  • Google and HERE Map Integration
  • Find your closest driver
  • Search vehicle historically at a particular location
  • Route replay
  • Routing interlaced with fleet efficiency metrics
  • Overlay boundaries on a map and real-time alerts

 Fleet Optimisation and compliance

Optimize fleets using dashboards, scheduled reports, system notifications, and driver behavior monitoring.

  • Compliant with tax authorities by recording grey fleet business and private mileage
  • Create dashboards and access informative KPIs at your fingertips.
  • Schedule reports delivering to your inbox at your preferred day and time.
  • Get informed via SMS, Email and system notifications.

Green & Safe driving (Driver behaviour monitoring)

Empower fleet drivers to drive vehicles safely and environment friendly with Fleetly. Fleetly monitors harsh driver behaviour, Idling, fuel usage trends.

  • Rate each trip by analysing quality of driving and create driver leader boards to identify training related incidents to encourage safe driving.
  • Monitor fuel consumption and wastage
  • Maintenance and service records to keep fleet vehicles road worthiness all times.
  • Upload video evidence to the cloud.

Camera Technology – Driver Coaching & Safety

Intelligent camera technology captures all important vitals such as speed, location, accelerometer (g-force) data for every harsh driving event and automatically upload video evidence to the cloud. This vital data is analysed and alerts are generated to key stakeholders.

The collaborative process helps fleet organisations to streamline driver coaching to improve safety, security and faster claims.  Continuous monitoring and learning help to reduce aggressive driving by 80%.  The  AI technology analyses videos, GPS and accelerometer data to learn and eliminate false positives.

Fleetly Live and Playback video streaming technology enables you to review video before or after the incident for additional evidence.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) & Driver State Monitoring (DSM)

Fleetly co-pilot technology ADAS monitors road ahead and DSM camera driver’s inattentiveness continuously to provide safety to vehicles and drivers.  Forward facing camera monitors road conditions to avert accidents and promote safe driving by delivering in cab alerts. DSM technology monitors driver inattentiveness and provides in cab alerts to promote attentive driving.


  • Lane departure warnings
  • Headway monitoring warning
  • Pedestrian collision warning
  • Front collision warning
  • Speed warnings
  • Signal Jump and Rolling Stop


  • Fatigue / Tiredness
  • Sleep / Yawn
  • Driver not detected
  • Mobile Phone
  • Smoking
  • Distraction
  • Seatbelt

Other core fleet management features supported in Fleetly:

  • Geofences
  • Event Analysis
  • Route Planning
  • Risk Manager
  • Fuel consumption, fillings and Theft detection
  • Integrated video surveillance
  • Administration
  • Security and Account Management
  • Advance Reports and more…

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