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Tuesday , 16 April 2024

Exclusive focus on traffic marking paints

With clear focus on formulating water based & solvent based paints suitable for heavy traffic flow and adverse weather conditions, ITS Coatings Pvt Ltd, has established itself as a specialized player in the market. Rinkoo Shah, Asst. Vice President – Strategy & Operations, ITS Coatings Private Limited shares with Trafficinfratech the international quality standards of the offerings that are tested and approved in terms of their performance and durability.

Overview of the key features and specifications of your traffic marking paints, specifically designed for airports and roads

We specialize in manufacturing paints for critical applications such as Road & Kerb Markings, Airports, Seaports, Race tracks, etc.

Our paints are formulated for tough conditions, are easy to apply with conventional and airless spray techniques on different surfaces such as:

  • Asphalt
  • Portland cement / concrete
  • Paver blocks
  • Kerb Stones

Key Features & Specifications

—    High Durability: Our traffic marking paints are formulated using advanced materials to ensure long-lasting durability, even under heavy traffic conditions and extreme weather variations.

—    Fast Drying: Designed for efficiency, our paints dry quickly, minimizing downtime and allowing for rapid deployment on both roads and airport runways.

—    Excellent Adhesion: With superior adhesion properties, our paints adhere firmly to various surfaces, including asphalt and concrete, providing reliable markings that resist chipping and peeling.

—    Custom Color Options: We offer a range of standard and custom colors to meet specific requirements or enhance branding visibility for airports and roadways.

—    Reflective Properties: Some of our paints have glass bead retention properties thus enhancing visibility during nighttime operations for improved safety and navigation.

—    Low VOC Content: Our water based paints contain low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels while still delivering exceptional performance.

—    Compliance with Standards: Our paints are rigorously tested and are found compliant with the relevant industry standards and regulations such as IS-164 as well as FAA (US Federal Aviation Administration) specifications.

The products like primers, coatings or reflective materials and their applications

  • Primers suitable for all types of traffic marking paints:

      itcoprime® Primer for Thermoplastic / Water Based / Solvent Based Road Marking Paints.

  • Retroreflective Drop On Glass Beads

      Instaglo® Drop on Glass Beads conform to BS6088

      Lux® Drop on Glass Beads conform to BS6088 and EN1423 specifications.

  • Paint application and removal equipment from world’s leading manufacturers viz., Graco, USA & Hofmann, Germany

Ensuring high reflectivity and durability under challenging weather conditions

The combination of high-quality ingredients, robust time tested formulations ensure each of our grades not just meet, but exceed specifications laid down by the authorities or users. The products are tested at reputed testing institutes from time to time to ensure the products are found in conformity with the required standards. The paints are compliant with IS-164 as well as FAA (US Federal Aviation Administration) specifications. Our glass beads are compliant with British Standard 6088B Type II & MOST CI.803.4.3.3 specifications.

The paints are tested and approved by: Future Labs LLC | USA; National Test House | India; VJTI | India, Airports Authority of India and Military Engineering Services [MES] | India.

Technological Advancements incorporated

We have recently associated with Hofmann (Germany), the global leader and innovator in road marking equipment. Through this partnership, we aim to leverage Hofmann’s cutting-edge road marking equipment alongside our high-performance marking paints to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Indian market. Hofmann’s expertise in designing and manufacturing innovative road marking machinery aligns perfectly with our commitment to excellence and reliability. By combining our strengths, we will empower road authorities, contractors, and infrastructure developers in India to achieve superior results in road marking projects.

Customer Support and Training programs

ITS Coatings has a dedicated team of technical experts at each of our locations to provide prompt assistance and guidance to clients regarding product selection, application techniques, troubleshooting, and any other technical queries they may have. We provide thorough commissioning and training for the equipment supplied by us. A well-stocked inventory of spare parts and accessories are maintained.

Annual Maintenance Contracts are offered to clients that help prevent unexpected breakdowns and ensures optimal performance throughout the equipment’s lifespan.

The clients are educated on the benefits of mechanized paint application techniques and also enlightened about the advantages of using mechanized methods, such as increased efficiency, cost savings, precision and consistency in marking applications.

Environmental Considerations

 The formulations include very low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) in the traffic marking paints. By reducing VOC emissions, air pollution is minimized. The ingredients and raw materials are carefully selected for minimal environmental impact.

The Company encourages the clients and educates them about the benefits of using water based paints that have lower VOC emissions rather than solvent-based alternatives.

Market Presence and notable projects

In just about six years, the Company has become one of the most reputed manufacturers of paints for Airports, Sea Ports and Kerb markings. We are one of the five approved suppliers accredited by AAI and supply to over 60 airports across India, including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai and also export to a few countries. The paints are also approved and used by several Sea Ports and CFS operators and in NHAI projects. We have recently supplied our paint for Race Track Markings in Reliance Greens at Jamnagar.

The Company’s involvement with the Road marking industry started in 1999 and we are considered the oldest distributor in this segment and a key supplier to several customers across India for a range of high quality thermoplastic paint raw materials. With 25 years of experience in the road marking segment, we have developed a deep understanding and expertise into the nuances of traffic  marking paints.

Addressing the evolving trends and challenges in the airport and road infrastructure sector

The traffic safety and safer roads have become the need of the hour. We are quite upbeat about the road / airport marking industry in India given the fact that growth & development in the infrastructure industry has increased exponentially over the past 10 years. The future for the road / airport industry is certainly bright and we wish to continue making positive contributions in time to come. We also tend to gather technical information from the resources available and keep ourselves abreast of the dynamic market requirements & developing trends in the road marking industry.

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