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Wednesday , 21 February 2024

EV Yatra app to locate EV charging stations in India

On December 14, President Droupadi Murmu launched the ‘EV Yatra’ web portal and mobile phone application to encourage the adoption of E-Mobility in the country.In her address, the President stated that it is everyone’s top priority to ensure that future generations breathe clean air, make good progress, and live healthy lives. Breathing clean air is a fundamental human right.

EV Yatra Portal

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency of India created the EV Yatra mobile app to make EV usage more convenient. Users can use the app to find the nearest EV charging station and reserve a charging slot. The app is now available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Significance of the EV Yatra

This mobile application is used by EV users to obtain information about public EV charging stations as needed. This mobile application provides real-time information about Public EV Charging Stations such as their GPS coordinates, the type of chargers installed at the station, the availability of charging slots, the current EV charging tariff, the service fee, and any other information. The mobile application has the capability of allowing EV users to identify and book charging slots while on the move to the nearest public charging station using their smartphones.

A charging station may have various charger types and tariff charges based on the charger type. The mobile application is dynamic enough to be updated frequently and will serve as a channel for gathering consumer feedback to continuously improve/upgrade its features.

Its importance in the present day

While unveiling the EV Yatra app, the President stated that, in the face of climate change and global warming, energy conservation is a global and national priority. Many human rights can be safeguarded by protecting the environment. It is a top priority so that future generations can breathe clean air.

Even though India’s per capita carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions are less than one-third of the global average, India, as a responsible country, is making significant contributions to environmental protection, she further said.

Other initiatives by the government to promote Electric Vehicles

1) On April 1, 2015, the FAME India initiative was launched to reduce the use of petrol and diesel vehicles by incentivizing all types of vehicles.

2) The FAME II scheme was launched in April 2019 with a budget of Rs 10,000 crore to increase EV adoption in India.

3) In June 2021, the Production Linked Incentive for Advanced Chemistry Cell Battery Storage (PLI-ACC Scheme) was launched. Its goal is to attract both domestic and international investors to invest in India’s Gigascale ACC manufacturing facilities.

EVs in India

According to a detailed list provided by the E-Vahan portal, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, India has a total of 13,34,385 Electric Vehicles in use as of 14-07-2022.

On June 28, 2022, NITI Aayog and TIFAC released a report titled ‘Forecasting Penetration of Electric Two-Wheelers in India’. In an optimistic scenario, the report predicts that electric two-wheelers will have reached 100% market penetration in India by FY 2026-27. The report predicts 72% penetration by 2031 in another scenario that is technology driven and where current incentives are removed by 2024.

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