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Thursday , 22 February 2024

EV charge service provider files patent

CarCharging, a US based provider of electric vehicle (EV)  charging services has filed a provisional patent application for an electric vehicle charging station with a toggle unit. The new charging station can charge multiple vehicles without inserting or removing plugs during charging. Due to this ability to simultaneously charge many vehicles, it will solve problems such as other electric vehicle users not being able to charge their vehicles when a charging station is used for a long time by one user. Normally, when EV charging stations with two or more plugs charge multiple vehicles simultaneously, it results in an increased strain on the energy grid. But CarCharging’s EV charging station reduces this problem by the use of a toggle unit and a processor. The toggle unit activates the charging current from the station to the first of multiple plugs attached to the charging station. When the processor detects the completion of charging, the toggle unit de-activates the first plug and activates the next.

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