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Wednesday , 10 April 2024

Editors Page Oct – Nov 2019

Mangala Chandran

We have all been talking about how technology will be changing the way we will travel in future. The mobility pattern and the need to adopt newer technologies differ from country to country. As India is setting its own targets and priorities, TrafficInfraTech, tried to get the views of a few industry experts to find out what each one thinks about the traffic scenario in the days to come. No doubt, future mobility appears exciting for India. Collectively, the aim is to achieve sustainable transportation so that the air is pollution free. The expectations include integrated & multimodal mobility, reduction in travel time and improvements in mobility services & safety. The list also says better availability of parking space, better communication, promotion of non motorised transport & last mile connectivity, and shared mobility.

Everyone agreed that a lot depends on the next level of connectivity. While The conference sessions at the current Mobility event – TrafficInfraTech Expo, Parking InfraTech Expo and Smart Mobility Expo—deliberates multiple aspects of future mobility, eminent professors from India and the US will present the academic view of 5G that will allow vehicles to transmit a large amounts of data that can improve road safety and help traffic authorities to monitor traffic flow.

The other focus of this issue is on effective public transport and metro rail, of course, is driving India’s need to move people in very large numbers. Though expensive in terms of infrastructure creation, it is expected that better operational efficiencies and integration with other modes of transport could make metro rail successful in India as it is elsewhere. However, the country is also waiting for long distance superfast trains.

This year’s Smart Mobility event has varied segments taking into account the national and international trends. Also, the visitor registration from different sector across the country shows that the awareness for the need for better transport facilities is definitely on the rise.

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