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Friday , 19 April 2024

DIMTS launches Bus Information application

Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit System Ltd (DIMTS) has launched an application for the web and Android mobiles that helps commuters plan their road trips in the city. When the commuter at a bus stop types in the route number of the bus required, the application gives the list of bus stops covered by the route number and the estimated arrival time of a bus at the particular bus stop. The estimated travel time for trips can be calculated by feeding in the arrival time of the bus at the originating and destination bus stops. In cases where there are no direct routes between two bus stops, the application has a trip planner module which gives information about interchange points for another bus route. Other useful features are the Total Estimated Arrival Times for trips and a real-time tracking of buses. The application also gives the travel time along a particular route for non-bus users, information which is useful for motorists travelling along the route. For android mobile users the application is available form the Google Play Store while web users can use the DIMTS website to access it. The beta version of the application has received a good response from commuters.

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