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Wednesday , 22 May 2024

DataCorp Traffic’s 4-D radar technology based interceptor

DataCorp Traffic’s AI-Powered top mounted 4D radar technology-based Interceptor system, works completely in an autonomous manner to detect traffic violations of all types. It can scan all the vehicles passing through the Region of interest on the camera and check for traffic violations. This is currently used by Greater Chennai Traffic Police.

These interceptors typically employ a combination of radars, sensors, cameras, and rule-based system software algorithms to monitor traffic and identify potential violations and generate E-challans without any human intervention. Similarly, static ANPR cameras are installed in various locations to monitor, control and enforce traffic regulations.

Its inbuilt sophisticated analytics processes the camera footage and radar data in real-time and identifies various traffic violations. The ITMS software is designed to automate all operations related to traffic management. This system is integrated with NIC to identify the offenders and generate E-challan.

The usage of this hi-tech AI-powered equipment has offered numerous benefits to the Traffic Police Force. To list a few are enhanced road safety, raising awareness among all road users, reduced road accidents, eased fining methodology to enforce violators, efficient and cost-effective enforcement process due to minimized manual interventions.

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