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Friday , 24 May 2024

Convenient, Contactless, Cashless Public Transport Travel Experience

Shamik Joshi, Head- Products & Technology,

Amnex’s Automatic Fare Collection solution XUP makes the end-to-end payment process fast, easy and transparent. It is designed to minimize frictions, bring about a change in commuter behaviour, and reduce revenue leakages, says Shamik Joshi, Head- Products & Technology, Amnex.

The traditional ticket purchasing system in which commuters purchase tickets physically through cash payment has many loopholes- it is time consuming, cumbersome, requires cash handling, and revenue leakages are high. All these can be addressed by adopting solutions like the Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS). It enables commuters to purchase tickets from home, at the stops and even en route using a mobile application, scanning a QR code or with the help of AFC devices such as validators, handheld ticket terminals etc.

Amnex employs emerging and scalable technology elements to make the digital payment process seamless and secure. “XUP uses technology elements such as distributed computing, data analytics and edge processing to create a versatile digital payment ecosystem.” XUP is capable of supporting various methods of ticketing and payments such as paper printed tickets with barcodes or QR codes, automatic ticket vending machines, bank cards, NFC (Near-field Communication) and mobile-based QR codes.

Apart from curbing revenue leakages and enhancing commuter’s travel experience, XUP reduces the gap between operations staff and management, overall improving the service environment, and reducing reconciliation issues. Automatic ticketing and dashboard-driven operations help the top management understand commuters’ patterns and provide valuable insights into the performance of the services by generating context-based reports, graphs and charts at regular intervals.

With its core philosophy to wield the power of technology to impact lives positively, Amnex has been working towards revolutionizing public transport through cutting-edge technology solutions such as Locomate- an integrated intelligent platform to enhance multi-modal transit management, RapidGo- a journey planning application that enhances commuter’s travel experience, Spotlock- a system that uses multiple technologies to simplify parking management, and Syncnex- an adaptive traffic management solution that increases the level of service of any intersection across the city and reduces city-wide traffic. XUP is another sincere effort in the direction of making the public transport journey smooth, convenient and hassle-free.

Amnex’s AFC product XUP supports transaction monitoring. Its access is provided only to authorized users and the back-end is supported by the group of secure servers located in respective integrated command and control centres (ICCCs). Rajkot Municipal Corporation has been reaping the benefits of Amnex’s Automatic Fare Collection System. It has flipped the public opinion towards the public transportation system by making it more reliable, transparent and convenient. The citizens of Rajkot now just walk through turnstiles and validators, pay through QR code-based tickets to board IT-enabled buses that can be tracked in real-time. Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) has been the latest public transport body to revitalize its payment and ticketing system through XUP.

Implementing technology solutions like ITMS (Intelligent Transit Management System) and AFCS is an effective way to attract tech-savvy young commuters towards public transportation.

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