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Saturday , 22 June 2024

Commercial and Security IP Video Intercom System

Aiphone IS Series from Diqutech is a Commercial and Security IP Video Intercom System that can be used as a hardwired network system for a centrally controlled system across a number of facilities. The IS series can assist onsite visitors from any offsite Master Station. Up to 160 Master Stations, 160 Video Door Stations and 960 Room Sub Stations can be combined per site. The customer’s PC can be used as a Master Station, small application or as an IP network system. Facilities with IP networks can be controlled from a distance which makes centralised security management simple and easy. To provide effective security, the IS Series features a wide angle camera enabling a panoramic view. People standing on the sides and people of all heights can easily be identified. The camera angle and zoom in the image can be adjusted to see exactly the required portion. If a Master Station does not answer calls, the calls can be forwarded to another Master, or a group of Masters. Zones can be created to broadcast emergency announcements quickly. Up to 15 pre-recorded messages or sound sources can be loaded into the system. Call-ins from a Video Door Station can be transferred to any standard or PC Master Station on the network for easy identification. The system can be customised easily online. A page can be made from the Master Station to other Master Stations, Door Stations, and Room Sub Stations. In unattended parking garages, the IS Series can be used to assist visitors and monitor multiple garage entrances from remote locations during or after working hours. In airports it can be used for communication between several departments at separate areas of the facility.

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