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Friday , 19 April 2024

Centre plans Metrolite in Tier-II, Tier-III cities

The government is set to bring in a new mass transport system — LRT-Metrolite for Tier-II and Tier-III cities. Metrolite will be dedicated rail corridors in cities and towns with tracks on surface (like railways) instead of elevated or underground stretches as is the case with Metro rail corridors across the country.

The urban affairs ministry has prepared the plan and finalised the standards and specifications for Metrolite and has sent them to the railway ministry. The cost of Metrolite corridors would be 40% less than conventional Metro rail lines, which will make them financially viable. The traditional Metro network, which requires huge capital investment, may not be viable in many smaller cities where the ridership is less. So, in those cases we cities can go for Metrolite network, which will be suitable at much less cost and will also act as feeder service from various parts of the city.

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