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Monday , 20 May 2024


The future impact of self-driving cars

Several manufacturers have announced that they are working on self-driving cars to be introduced in the near future; what are the implications and how soon will they be on our roads? Dr. Luis Willumsen, Director of Luis Willumsen Consultancy and Visiting Professor University College London, looks at the future of self driving autonomous vehicles and how they will impact transport planning, traffic congestion and road accidents in the coming years.

Developments in Parking Technology

Today, the use of automated technology in the parking industry is revolutionising parking operations which can be used as tools to regulate traffic, provide security for vehicles as well as generate revenue for the company / organisation.

Residential Parking Permits – Managing Local Area Parking

As vehicle numbers soar unabated in Indian cities, once peaceful residential areas are becoming battlegrounds for parking, with residents also battling outsiders who usurp local parking. Ranjit Gadgil, Programme Director, Parisar, looks at how Residential Parking Permits offer a way out for tackling this problem. The principles of sustainable urban transport stress the need for cities that promote public and ...

Push to Park

A review of the developments in mechanised parking in India and its advantages.

Case Study:Abu Dhabi, Bringing order to Abu Dhabi?s Parking System

This study describes the work undertaken to introduce a comprehensive system of parking management to the City of Abu Dhabi. At the outset, the task was to implement a citywide parking management system as a single project. This would be equivalent to introducing the entire central London parking system, which has developed over 50 years, as a single project in ...