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Friday , 24 May 2024

Cab aggregators going electric

It is now reported that ride-hailing companies and cab aggregators are electrifying their fleets following the Government’s efforts to bring in more electric vehicles in public transport systems. Though more EV sales are seen in the personal use segment, the shared mobility platforms can help increase the sales volume.
The report points out various positive indicators. Startups have now begun inducting EVs in ecommerce and among aggregators. While one Gurgaon based company has finalized order of 3,500 electric cars, another all electric cab co is executing delivery of 10,000 cars from Tata Motors.

Ola is set to deploy about 1,000 cars as part of Bengaluru electric vehicle pilot project. Twenty-one states have notified their EV policies, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu being the most recent. Fifteen states provide subsidies to buyers and have seen higher EV sales growth. EV registrations more than doubled over the last three years in Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra and West Bengal.

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