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Thursday , 20 June 2024

BRTS Display

BRTS (Bus Rapid Transport System) Display System from Pvt Ltd gives complete information about bus arrival and departure enabling them to choose with ease the appropriate bus and the right bus stop to board and de-board. The solution consists of six destination display boards ? front, rear, side, in-bus, bus stop and bus terminus boards. The solution provides the driver with a Human Machine Interface (HMI) Controller to set the route assigned. The route number and the destination are displayed on three boards ? front, side and rear of the bus. The information is displayed in three languages ? English, Hindi and the local language. Once the passengers enter the bus, the in-bus display, installed behind the driver?s partition ? after taking the longitude and latitude inputs from the GPS tracker ? informs passengers about the current stop and the next stop. The bus stop display is a single line display which informs passengers at the stop about the route number, destination and expected time of buses scheduled to arrive within the next 30 minutes. The display at the bus terminus is a 6-line display that displays the route number, destination and expected time of departure of six buses simultaneously.

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