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Wednesday , 19 June 2024

Breath Alcohol Analyser

Police Type Breath Alcohol Analyser Model PD6000NX from Subtronics (India) Pvt Ltd is an upgrade to an older model PD6000N. It features increased stability, reliability and accuracy, with a longer battery life. An intuitive, graphical interface makes the PD6000X easy to use, without need for specialized training. Testing involves the subject blowing into the sensing portion of the instrument where a sample of breath is collected for analysis. There is no contact between the instrument and subject during the test. The analyser has a reading hold feature whereby, on detecting alcohol in the subject’s breath, it raises an alarm. The alarm does not reset until the user acknowledges it by pressing the reset switch. The instrument has three indicators: the first indicates the instrument status, the second indicates whether the instrument is ready or in alarm mode, and the third shows the status of the battery. Applications of PD6000X include law enforcement, checking of drunk employees, security entry checks in hotels and restaurants, and in hospitals and clinical diagnostic centres.

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