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Sunday , 23 June 2024

Brazil unveils Point-to-Point Toll System

The government of S?o Paulo, Brazil, has unveiled a Point-to-Point toll collection system aimed at making toll collection fairer, modern and efficient, that collects toll from vehicles based on the kilometres actually travelled. To make the collection by kilometre actually travelled possible, tags similar to those used by electronic toll collection system are installed on the vehicles. There are gates established at regular points on the highways with each gate having two LMS511 laser measurement sensors, together with RFID antennas, video cameras, and appropriate software. Upon passing the gate, the LMS511 sensor identifies the vehicle profile and activates the gate RFID antenna, which scans the RFID tags and activates the video camera which records the vehicle?s image. Only the required amount, based on the distance travelled, is then debited from the user?s account.

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