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Saturday , 25 May 2024

Bhubaneswar to Implement Smart Parking Policy

To tackle the ever-growing parking menace in Bhubaneswar, the Commissionerate Police, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation and Bhubaneswar Development Authority are jointly formulating on a Smart parking policy for the city. According to Seshadeb Panda, General Manager, Smart City (Technology), Bhubaneswar Smart City Ltd, the policy will take shape in the next three-four months and dissuade commuters from demanding more parking space in the city. “The policy’s main objective is to improve public transport, non-motorized transport and last-mile connectivity,” he said.

Sagarika Nath, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic said, “To make the city carbon-emission friendly, we need to first identify whether the city needs more parking space or multi-level parking parks. What Bhubaneswar needs is a holistic parking policy with rules and regulation in place.”

Recently, the City police have decided and identified a few locations for multi-level car parking along with vending zones. Meanwhile, to stop the reckless on and off-road parking, the authorities have already declared six road stretches in the city as no parking zones.

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