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Saturday , 20 April 2024



BERNARD Mobility Analyser

The BERNARD Mobility Analyser consists of an intelligent optical system that provides information about road users and traffic flow directly on site. No videos are stored. The anonymous evaluation is carried out directly in the camera system. This real-time information is used to intelligently control traffic systems, improve safety at pedestrian crossings or school bus stops, or to inform about free parking spaces on streets or in car parks. The BERNARD Mobility Analyser is also used in transport planning to collect data and make it available in real time. The BERNARD Mobility Analyser is available as a permanent or mobile measuring station and is supplied, installed and commissioned by us.

BERNARD Structural Analyser

BERNARD-Structural-Analyser-Picture_01The BERNARD Structure Analyser consists of an individually developed and configurable monitoring system for the measurement of various physical and chemical parameters such as strain, vibration, corrosion, pressure, temperature, shock, crack formation and gas development – each being monitored on a permanent basis. If the limit value is exceeded, an alarm is sent by call, SMS or email. We create customer-specific evaluations and presentations of the collected data. The Analyser is offered as a purchase or lease option.

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