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Friday , 14 June 2024


Jumbo Barricade from Protek Traffic Devices Pvt Ltd is a heavy barricade built to withstand knocks from vehicles without easily falling down. Being a water-filled barricade with a capacity of 350 litres of water, it minimises the impact in case of collisions and reduces the possibility of serious injuries as against the concrete barriers. The perforations in the barricade allow the air to flow through them, thus enabling the barrier to withstand heavy winds without collapsing. Its width of 1800mm reduces the chances of vehicles bypassing it easily while its height (1305mm) discourages the pedestrians from crossing over it. And yet, the sleek and compact design of the Jumbo Barricade ensures it does not occupy much space on the ground. The barricade has easy inlet and outlet for filling water or sand which make it more durable. Since it is UV stabilised, its colours last for a long time.


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