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Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Automation Products for BRTS

Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt Ltd (TASPL) has different systems for BRTS:

? Flap Barriers integrated with AFCS

? Automated Doors controlled by RFID

? RFID Systems including controllers, readers and RF transmitters

The company offers Installation and integration of systems with service support and AMC for five years and above.

Flap Barriers

TASPL Flap Barriers offer a rapid Identification technique of smart cards and real time failure & self detection of valid or invalid passenger entry. They also offer automatic counting & displaying of passenger details along with adjustable speed & integration of intelligent transport management systems

TASPL Flap Barriers are also compatible with various system integration to meet various and customized requirements.

Toshi also specializes in Automatic Sensor Doors specially customized as per BRTS requirements.

Instead of using complicated and monopolistic, imported door controllers with special protocols and commands, TASPL has indigenised & used firmware and software locally developed as per the protocol by the consultants. For the safety of passengers Bus Station doors are aligned with the bus doors and both the doors will open when the bus is docked properly at the bus station and when the driver presses RFID transmitter fixed in the dash board.

TASPL has used RFID reader with original power filter to give best sensing range up to 90 cms in standard conditions. RFID reader used works on 2.4 GHz frequency as specified by BRTS Consultants.

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