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Saturday , 20 April 2024

Automatic Traffic Counter cum Classifier

AJS Scale’s Phoneix II Automatic Traffic Counter cum Classifier (ATCC) system gives 98% accuracy with the help of its traffic counters like Loops, Piezo and Tube sensors inputs. The diamond-make Traffic Counter cum Classifier can classify more than 20 categories of vehicles. The traffic counting can be done using Loop and Piezo Sensors (intrusive type) or Pneumatic Tubes (Non-intrusive type). Data from ATCC can be retrieved offsite & onsite with the related accessories and technologies.

The ATCC system facilitates:

  • High Speed Vehicle Counting and Classification.
  • ATCC facilitates Traffic counting and classification with zero interruption to traffic.
  • Headway & Gap Bins helps to calculate Traffic Congestion.
  • Traffic data Collected Helps in Future Design of Highways & Expressways.
  • Give usage details of Highways and Expressways.
  • Data Collected from it Can Be used to calculate revenue collections from Toll Plazas.
  • Can be used for Permanent as well as Portable applications (Survey).
  • It is a multi-lane time interval counter/classifier designed for permanent installs or large portable applications
  • Count 1-16 Lanes
  • Classify 1-8 lanes
  • High-end accuracy
  • Optional WIM classifications are available with weigh-in-motion enabled units
  • Record interval lengths from 1min to 24hr
  • Onboards keyboard and LCD display
  • Ultra Low power consumption with Smart Power Management
  • Modem and Serial Telemetry
  • Large Memory Capacity
  • On-board Sensor Diagnostics
  • Ultra High Resolution Timestamp Accuracy
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption with Smart Power Management
  • Real time data monitoring with LCD display
  • A mix traffic recorder classifies vehicles and bicycles

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