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Sunday , 3 March 2024

Automated Number Plate Recognition System

KLiPR from Kritikal Solutions is a state-of-the-art number plate recognition system that enables real-time identification of vehicles by capturing and analysing a moving vehicle’s number plate using live camera feed. It is based on advanced pattern recognition, image processing and artificial intelligence techniques. The system uses Kritikal’s proprietary localisation and segmentation algorithms for detection, and an OCR engine for reading plates in any language. The automated information resource of the engine adds a new, vital dimension in the decision-making for Access Control, Security and Traffic management personnel. KLiPR system can be easily integrated with physical access control devices such as boom barriers and sliding gates for seamless access. It can handle a large degree of heterogeneity in number plates since it detects with uniform accuracy the number plates of varying dimensions, contrast, colours, character fonts and style. It also detects a range of non-standard number plates such as number plates with special characters, double row number plates and vehicles which have number plates painted on the body instead of separate number plates. It transmits real-time stamp of entry/exit of vehicles to the database, and has a module for capturing images of drivers. Other prominent features include simultaneous multi-lane processing capability, ability to detect vehicles up to speeds of 80km/hr and alerts/alarms for stolen and marked vehicles. Due to its open system architecture KLiPR can be integrated with third party applications.


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