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Thursday , 22 February 2024

Automated Parking solutions from ParkIt

Automation in the parking industry is identified need but requires better solutions and integrations for seamless operation. Viparkit Solutions Private limited aims to solve this problem at both ends of the spectrum; government organisations/private players as well as customers through app and infrastructure. Their user experience is easy to navigate, operate, and seamlessly integrate into day-to-day use.

With an array of features that promise safety, convenience, and reliability, ParkIt is the ideal application for various audiences like residential/commercial buildings, malls, clubs, airports, and highways.

From ensuring an elevated experience for parking lot management, toll management, pay & parks, and app-enabled smart valet services at hotels and restaurants, to aiding the authorities with e-challan payments, and parking violation fine collection – ParkIt does it all!

  • Unmanned on-road & gated parking management system with payment retrieval
  • Bespoke Integrated ANPR solutions with Fastag & e-challan generation.
  • Command VMS system for smart city projects.
  • AI & ML-based ANPR cameras for generating tickets for illegal parking as well as on-street parking.
  • Digital logs for societies to replace manual registration and excess workforce.
  • ParkIt app to book parking slots, view logs, add guests & view amenities
  • Speed detection, vehicle classification and red light violation cameras
  • Blacklisting offenders via identification and alert notification
  • Restriction of unwanted/additional vehicles from premises

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