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Saturday , 25 May 2024

AI-powered Smart Parking solutions

Smarg, a venture of an IITian, offers applied AI powered 360 degrees solutions for Smart Security, Surveillance, Parking, Traffic, Communication & Culture for Smart Cities, Venues (Airports, Malls, Townships, etc.) and Events.

Smarg’s Smart Parking (off- street and on-street) solution (including Industrial Parking) features video-analytics based parking availability and automated ‘No Parking Zone’ monitoring, advanced vehicle security, violations, advance booking, etc.

Some of the applied AI solutions are:
• Video Analytics powered Smart Surveillance
• Vehicle and Object Counting based Real-time Analytics
• ANPR and Facial Recognition based Advanced Vehicle Security
• Facial Recognition and Uniform Verification powered distributed employee attendance system
• Solutions for electric vehicles ecosystem

Smarg solutions offer scalable architecture ensuring high performance and quality while being hardware-agnostic & integration ready. The company provides expert consultancy in Deep Learning, IoT, Mobility, Cloud, Analytics, etc.

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