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Friday , 1 March 2024

Advanced Traffic Management System from COS AI

COS AI’s ATMS is a modular, open and flexible software integrated with traffic related applications like ATCC, ANPR, VIDS, VSDS, TMCS etc.

The system includes the value-added features in the form of real-time information on traffic conditions, unusual events, congestion levels and weather conditions to facilitate project users and the operators. The software can be integrated with Vahan Database, NPCI FASTag Mapper, existing Toll Management and third-party software’s. The system can facilitate action automatically like generate e-challan, send SMS regarding violation, e-mail the daily report to the concerned enforcement agencies.


Automatic Traffic Counting and Classification (ATCC): COS AI’s system can be used to analyse any video from highways, intersections, roundabouts, crosswalks in various weather conditions, day & night scenes. Collected traffic data can be fully processed and displayed in our dashboard. It detects more than 15 classes of Indian vehicles with over 95% classification accuracy and 98% counting accuracy.

Video Incident System (VIDS):  COS AI’s VIDS can detect those occurrences of slow-moving vehicle, stopped vehicle, reverse traffic, fallen object, poor visibility, vehicle running in opposite direction etc., The system facilitates if incident is detected, the ATMS software issues alarm and incident image will be automatically displayed on the VIDS operator console monitor and Graphics Display.

Automatic Number-plate Recognition (ANPR): COS AI’s ANPR system is most preferred due to use of its deep learning approach. The ANPR system can be integrated with ATCC, VSDS and VIDS.

Variable Speed Drives (VSDS): COS AI’s VSDS based on vision technology proves to be more accurate with minimum hardware setup. In addition, our VSDS system can be easily integrated with Vehicle Actuated Speed Display (VADS) for vehicle and speed display in real-time.

Traffic Management Centre (TMCS): We have developed a TMCS camera along with LPU kit for the convenient use of monitoring road and traffic on the highway/expressway visually on a real time basis from the Traffic Management Centre (TMC). The camera feed will automatically send to the incident management console like VIDS, ANPR, VSDS and central storage unit.  The COS AI TMCS also acts as a closed – circuit television system for the traffic and vehicles on the project road.

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