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Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Advanced mobile command post vehicle for Mumbai airport

Advanced mobile command post vehicle for Mumbai airportMumbai International Airport has now acquired an advanced mobile command post vehicle or MCP. Mistral Solutions, a product design and engineering service company based in Bengaluru, is the provider of the vehicle to Bengaluru International Airport Limited and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai.

The airport can now handle even a crash at the airport without loss of time. Besides, connectivity with the airport will not be disturbed. The MCP for the Mumbai airport is very similar to that used by BIAL with a few additional features like conferencing over 3G and realtime video streaming to the airport’s operations centre. The vehicle, according to the BIAL spokesperson, is capable of quickly reaching the site of emergency and undertaking control and coordination of the agencies needed. It works in coordination with the Fixed Emergency Operations Centre located inside the airport terminal. The synchronization ensures quicker response to emergencies, augmented security at the disaster site, and systematic medical care to the victims.

Airport accidents usually happen in remote areas. In case of an aircraft crash, the MCP is the one-point coordination for fire and rescue management, security, evacuation, medical aid, ambulance management and other emergency responsibilities.

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