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Saturday , 9 December 2023

A new generation of ITS

Tecsidel proudly introduces the ITSmartView, a new generation of Tecsidel ITS+ Software for Urban, Interurban and Tunnel management System.

ITS+ is a traffic management system that covers the monitoring, control and traffic management through integration with devices and systems installed on the road.

The system provides the concessionaire follow-up activities of the conditions of traffic and attention to emergency situations associated with the operation of the road, including the support to activities related to the authority.

It offers a comprehensive solution with a number of tools for monitoring, control and exploitation of a road, resources, as well as integrating different subsystems of traffic management through modules of software that make possible the communication with external systems.

ITS+ aims to ensure that information given to the user is truthful, timely, consistent, up-to-date and useful, so that the user could make decisions.

The system software is intelligent enough to take decisions which are preloaded or even one can create rules for different actions on different alarms like:-

  • Sending message on one, all or selected VMS for different alarms from Meteo system or any other system
  • Zooming CCTV to the alarm locations
  • Eliminating false alarms which occur due to maintenance at site
  • Preset actions on any accidents occurs
  • Suggestion for the user on the various tools available for taking much better and fast action etc.

The features provided by ITS+ system are:

  • Acquisition and management of data, collected by over height vehicle detection system.
  • Acquisition data management of the Speed Control Sign system data.
  • Acquisition and management of vehicle detection system data.
  • Acquisition and management of video surveillance system data.
  • Acquisition and management of VMS system data.
  • Management of plans or messaging programs.
  • Historical data management.
  • Users’ management.
  • Management of issues incidents/accidents and maintenance.
  • Reports management.

At a simplified level the Control Center (Physical Unit) will be the central concept of the ITS+, where the pertinent f0unctionalities are integrated, and responsible of the Management and Control of the subsystems.

The system will have a graphical interface by means of which can be monitored the various information like:

  • Condition and alarms associated with field equipment
  • Presentation conditions (message types or active aspects) of the variable signalization equipment.
  • Traffic data: per section and at level detectors
  • Service levels
  • Proposal for travel times.
  • Proposal for Alternative Routes
  • Active Incidents

With the intelligent software, one can do the following:-

  • Traffic Monitoring and Control
  • Traffic Management for Urban, Interurban and Tunnel
  • Processes of the Integrated Control System
  1. Acquisition and Treatment Data Process
  2. Management processes of cases The necessary information shall include:
  • Event/operation identifying code
  • Starting date and time
  • Place of the event/operation
  • Main part of the road
  • Resting area
  • Service area
  • Connections
  • Others

Type of event/operation:

  • † Accident, Mechanical assistance, Healthcare, Police control
  • Damage on road, Fire, Incidence, Obstacle on road
  • Special Operation, Claim, Robbery, Road works, Traffic
  • Special transport, Abandoned vehicle





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