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                Bharat Multimodal Mobility Stack (BM S) initiated by IIT Madras
                             igital infrastructure,   analyses and archives data. The   mobility research with various centres
                             which complements    analysed data is accessible via an   working on advanced automotive
                             the      physical    application program interface (API)   design, battery engineering and
                             infrastructure, will be   for end users to leverage. Data   electric vehicles, wireless technology,
                             the innovation engine   relating to driving behaviour, vehicle   railways, urban transport, tyre and
                Dto advance future                dynamics, surveys, maps, sensors   vehicle mechanics, ports, waterways
                mobility. Such digital infrastructure   and GPS vehicle traces are fed into   and coasts.
                is critical for any nation to move   the repository. This data is then
                                                                                     The various projects at IIT Madras
                forward with its mobility growth   filtered of inappropriate content   include real-time traffic data,
                in a safe, sustainable and equitable   using Machine Learning and AI   advanced  traveler  information
                manner. The Mobility and Intelligent   tools. Using algorithms, patterns   systems (ATIS), dynamic bus arrival
                Transportation (MInT) collaborative,   are extracted and models simulated
                anchored at IIT Madras, aims to   to make predictions based on     predictions, bus signal priority
                bring industry, government and    these large datasets. The output so   systems, a personalised transit route
                public agencies and academia      generated could be used to inform   guidance app, an intermediate public
                                                                                   transport mobility as a service app,
                together to co-create the Bharat   decisions on pedestrian and road   dynamic allocation of emergency
                Multi-Modal Mobility Stack (BM S)   safety, reduce congestion, support   vehicles, an urban freight transport
                – a digital public good – to enable   driver  assistance  systems  and
                holistic system solutions aligned with   contribute to lowered emissions.   consolidation app, driving simulators
                sustainable development goals.    Users may also test and optimize   and connected instrumented vehicles.
                                                  their own models by plugging them   Prof. V. Kamakoti, Director of IIT
                  MInT is a pre-eminent global
                initiative to build digital mobility   into the stack and deriving value   Madras said: “Our cities are an ideal
                infrastructure, R&D portfolio and   from the large-scale digital twin   test bed to solve for future mobility
                                                                                   of the world. Future mobility is an
                a skilled workforce to develop    encapsulated by the stack.       interdisciplinary  research  area.  IIT
                breakthrough mobility solutions to   IIT Madras BM S portfolio includes   Madras encourages interdisciplinary
                realise the following Sustainable   research proposals on multimodal
                Development Goals (SDG) including   freight planning for Indian Railways,   work, and this collaborative
                50% reduction in total transport   multimodal trip planner in smart   will enable industry-academia
                emissions, 50% reduction in fatalities   cities  for  MoHUA  and  improved   collaboration to develop solutions.”
                and 50% of all transport from net   safety and efficiencies of highways   Prof. Gitakrishnan Ramadurai, faculty
                zero modes (energy efficiency).   for MoRTH. The MInT collaborative   in-charge of the MInT collaborative,
                                                  is officially expected to be launched   says: “Mobility involves supply-
                  The Bharat Multi-Modal Mobility
                Stack is built around a collaborative   in March 2024.             demand interactions across varied
                                                                                   stakeholders. Allowing for research in
                repository that collects, understands,   IIT Madras has been at the core of
                                                                                   silos will lead to sub-optimal solutions.
                                                                                   We are at an important crossroad, a
                                                                                   once in a century opportunity, where
                                                                                   digital technology, particularly AI, is
                                                                                   redefining every sphere of our life. The
                                                                                   collaborative is based on the principle
                                                                                   of  collaborate  and  compete  as  we
                                                                                   bring together industry competitors
                                                                                   and government agency on the same
                                                                                   table with academic innovators. I
                                                                                   invite all stakeholders to join this
                                                                                   collaborative as we build in India
                                                                                   solutions that will solve for the whole
                                                                                     The  MInT  collaborative  will  be
                                                                                   organizing their first Mobility Summit
                                                                                   April 4 to 5, 2024.

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