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28                                                                                         42

          ROAD SAFETY

          28  Harnessing Technology and
              Collaboration to Combat Road Accidents
              Nidhi Singh, Joint Transport Commissioner
              (Road Safety) at the Rajasthan Transport

          31  Rajasthan’s Road Safety Web Portal

          NEW MOBILITY
          33  Compact Electrified Cities in India

          34  Charging Ahead: Charging Infrastructure
              Transformation in India
                                                                                    Building  on  the  massive
          PARKING                                                                   tripling  of  the  capital
                                                                       expenditure outlay in the past
          38  Area wise Parking Management for                         4 years resulting in huge multiplier impact
              Sustainable Mobility                                     on economic growth and employment
                                                                       creation, the outlay for the next year is
                                                                       being increased by 11.1 percent to eleven
          EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES                                        lakh, eleven thousand, one hundred and

          42  Air Taxis?                                               eleven crore rupees (`11,11,111 crore). This
              A New Frontier for Urban Transportation                  would be 3.4 percent of the GDP.
              in India?                                                                         Nirmala Sitharaman
                                                                                      Hon’ble Minister of Finance and
                                                                                 Corporate Affairs, Government of India
          48  TECHNOLOGY / SYSTEMS                                                               Interim Budget 2024-05

                                                                   / February 2024 / TrafficInfraTech  7
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