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          KSRTC introduces Customer Centric Systems

          Smart Electronic                 the future ones will be required to   notification functionalities for real-
          Ticketing Machines with          be fitted with AIS-140 compliant   time updates, ensuring passengers
          Comprehensive Ticketing          Vehicle Monitoring Unit and      stay informed every step of the
          Solution                         emergency button.  The successful   way. This enhanced communication
                                           implementation of the project would   system not only improves customer
           Karnataka State Road Transport   promote modal shift from personal   experience but also enhances
          Corporation (KSRTC) has floated   transport to public transport. It   operational efficiency.
          tender to introduce  Smart       will also ensure in maintaining    Furthermore, AWATAR 4.0
          Electronic Ticketing Machines with   KSRTC’s  Technological  and    proposes a comprehensive system
          Comprehensive Ticketing Solution on   Business leadership in the Public   for handling grievances and
          rental basis. The Ticketing machines   Transport sector.          collecting feedback, enabling KSRTC
          would be operated through Android                                 to address issues promptly and
                                            The proposed VTMS project
          operating system with high end   implementation will include core   continuously improve service quality.
          features such as- touch screen with   components such as: Vehicle   This commitment to customer
          Virtual  Key  Pad,  higher  memory,   Tracking and Monitoring System,   satisfaction sets AWATAR 4.0 apart
          fast thermal printer, battery,   Real Time Passenger  Information   as a user-centric platform that values
          ergonomically designed for easy                                   passenger input and prioritizes their
          holding etc. The ETM would support   System, Central Control Station,   needs. KSRTC will also facilitate
                                           Data Centre and MIS Reports. Core
          technologies such as GSM/GPRS,   technologies  include  Geographical   ticket tracking and provide real- time
          RFID, Smart Cards, QR reader and   Positioning  System   (GPS),   Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) on
          validator with required certifications                            buses, enabling travellers  to plan
          and security features.           Information & Communication      their journey efficiently.
                                           Technologies, Mobile Application
           With the introduction of these   and Data Storages.                With its robust features and
          machines, digital payments through   The project is being implemented   customer-centric approach, AWATAR
          ETMs  would  be  facilitated.  The   under the scheme of MoRTH, Govt.   4.0 is poised to revolutionize
          software applications such as    of India – “Central assistance for   the online bus reservation
          Bus Ticketing Application, Online                                 landscape, setting new standards
          Application for remote management   strengthening Public Transport   for convenience, reliability, and
          of ETMs, Contactless Smart Card   System in the country” at a cost of   excellence. The project is expected
                                           Rs 30.74 Crores
          and Contactless validation etc. are                               to be rolled out by May 2024.
          part of ticketing solution. Besides   Online Passenger
          bus ticketing it also includes Parking
          ticket module, dashboard and     Reservation System
          mobile app for KSRTC official usage.   KSRTC is also gearing up to launch
          KSRTC expects around 10,000 ETMs   AWATAR 4.0 (Anywhere Anytime
          to be rolled in all depots by end of   Advance Reservation), the advanced
          July 2024.                       version of the Online Passenger Bus
                                           Reservation System, which promises
          Vehicle Tracking &               a paradigm shift in the way travellers
          Monitoring System (VTMS)         book their bus tickets and manage
                                           logistics. This innovative system
           VTMS  project  will  help  KSRTC
          in disseminating the Passenger   features a dynamic web portal and
                                           a user-friendly mobile application,
          Information to its commuters and   providing passengers with seamless
          public, while the organisation will
          benefit from monitoring its services   ticket booking experiences at their
          in  real  time. The  project  will  also   fingertips.
          establish Command & Control       One of the standout features
          Centre which would enable KSRTC   of AWATAR 4.0 is its introduction
          to handle any kind of emergencies.   of QR Code-based ticketing along
          Both the existing vehicles as well as   with WhatsApp-based ticketing and

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