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Tuesday , 16 July 2024

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Raipur gets multi-level parking

The recently opened multi-level parking in Raipur, Chhattisgarh has been built on land of 5,200sqft for vehicle owners coming for shopping and business purpose. The space can accommodate about 200 four-wheelers and 400 two-wheelers. The parking lot has lower and upper basement, ground floor and first floor, built during first phase and third floor is proposed for second phase.

Sensors to create clean energy from moving vehicles

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in the US has awarded a $1.32m contract to researchers at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) to design and develop sensors that can harvest and convert energy created by moving vehicles on roadways into renewable electricity. TxDOT has awarded the contract as part of the ...

Stricter norms for overloading

In a major move to deter plying of overloaded vehicles on highways, the National Highways Authority of India has decided to force them off the roads till the extra load is removed at the cost and risk of the transporters. There would also be levying penal charges of ten times the applicable fee at the toll plazas that is presently ...

Highways Advisory Radio System

Highway Advisory System (HAS) is a free-to-air information distribution system providing real-time highway traffic and information bulletin to make the travelling experience on our National Highways safer, faster and enjoyable. To begin with, HAS is going to be implemented on a pilot basis on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway. The salient features are real-time traffic information including any congestion & slowdown on ...

On the Road to Recovery !

Road infrastructure is not a very positive terminology in India. Basically, because good roads can be counted on fingers, sick roads rarely get treated and new roads take a long time to conceive. How dismal is the picture? And what is the possibility of recovery? Vidyottama Sharma tries to find the answers.

Sustainability Issues in Pavement Engineering

Three experts from the Indian Institute of Science write in detail on the technologies, innovations, studies and the practices that need to be followed in the field of pavement engineering in India. They opine that sustainability is the way to achieve environment-friendly results.

Interview with: Sanjay Arora, “We will record a 20% increase in fines this year”

E-challans, sms alert systems, intelligent use of available space for parking and the ‘108 ambulance’ service have made a huge difference to Chennai’s traffic. Sanjay Arora, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) tells Mangala Chandran that his department will put Integrated Traffic Management System in place in a few months’ time.

Interview with:Sudhir Hoshing, ‘Road Technology is still not highly evolved in India’

Three airports for the Indian Air Force, a strategic road for the Defence Forces in the sand dunes of Rajasthan and three civil airports are among the several accomplished projects of Sudhir Hoshing. His 25 years in the industry make his voice a highly valued voice in the domain of road infrastructure. He has held several key positions in major infrastructure companies like Punj Lloyd, GMR and Oriental Structural Engineers.